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Using my Pictures
A number of my photographs have been used inappropriately either on the web or in the press over the last couple of years. Consequently, I have had to spend a significant amount of time chasing copyright infringers.
I find this rather annoying, as I publish many of my photographs on Wikimedia Commons for all to use, as long as they provide a link to my website, or ask permission.
Commercial organisations wanting to use my pictures in print, where they cannot provide the required link can do so at a fair rate if they ask permission.
I consider infringement to be both unnecessary and disrespectful.
Anyone infringing my copyright (worldwide) will be levied a charge for the use of the photograph, and an additional charge which takes into account the time and trouble It takes to correspond with them to get matters sorted out. (I charge my time at 50 GBP per hour).
In short, please feel free to use my pictures on the internet, but provide a clearly visible attribution and link to Alternatively, contact me if you want to use them in print or without the attribution. I can usually provide higher resolution pictures to those who ask too.
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One of badobadop's pictures that was ripped off worldwide during the 2014 Scarlet fever outbreak.