January 2015
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January 2015
Badobadop is Back!
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Not really a rant this week, just reporting in and explaining what has happened recently to make me suspend Badobadop updates.
On 5th December I suffered a quite alarming attack of diplopia (double vision) and slurred speech. It came on suddenly and I was rushed into A&E. I was initially treated for a TIA (transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke).
A few days after the 'TIA' My beloved mother-in-law, Barbara was taken into intensive care. My wife had to drop everything and travel to the United States at very short notice, leaving me to care for our four year old son. Sadly,  Barbara died shortly before Christmas and my wife stayed to be with her father and brother for a while. Barbara was a wonderful, bright shining star, and we will all miss her desperately. 
To save my son from a 'Mr. Bean' style Christmas alone with his dad,  I took him to spend the Christmas period at my parents' house.
In all, I had four weeks caring for my son. Instead of trying to keep up with everything as normal, I decided to devote the time exclusively to him, which meant that Badobadop had to be put on a back burner for a while. I am sure you will all understand that my family comes first, no matter what.
My wife returned from the States last weekend, and now that her jet lag has passed, normal service is resumed and Badobadop is back!
I still have some test results to come back before I find out whether my 'TIA' was really that, or whether it was something else. The possibilities range from something completely harmless like a viral infection to a mini-stroke/aneurysm/brain tumour. I have some residual symptoms which make me a bit unsteady on my feet and prone to fatigue, but with some luck that will pass and the whole thing will turn out to be nothing.
I intend to change the way I update Badobadop this year. I will archive pages on a monthly, rather than a weekly basis and write one article each week rather than a complete page. This will enable me to catch up with things that have been on hold recently such as the caravan and the sunlight flicker experiment.
Finally, I would like to thank my readers for sticking with me and wish everyone without exception a very happy new year!
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Santa brought Teenage Mutant
 Ninja Turtles this year!
A big boy had his bed turned over to make better use of
the floor space. We put dinosaurs on the wall too!.
Educational Fun!
I always try to make something for my young son at Christmas and birthdays. I believe that it is more personal and special than just buying the same old stuff that is available in the shops.
This year, 'Santa' brought an electric circuits construction kit with buzzers, lights, switches and more. I did wonder whether it would be a little too advanced for a 4˝ year old, but my fears were soon allayed and my son was wiring circuits with bulbs switches and buzzers in no time. He uses the kit to add an extra dimension to his imaginary play, with lights for buildings and alarm sounds for emergency rescue scenarios.
The kit isn't complex in any way and anyone in the know could make one quite easily. The light, switches and buzzer are mounted on/in small potting boxes. Interconnections are made with leads terminated with stacking 4 mm plugs and power is supplied by four, AA batteries. The legends on the boxes were created by printing on paper, cutting out and laminating. The laminated pieces were attached to to the boxes with double sided sticky tape. 
Everything for the kit was purchased from Rapid Electronic Supplies.
Here are a few pictures for your delectation and delight:
Electric Circuits Construction Kit
January 2015
Electrical construction kit, lamp
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Scroll down for details of an electric circuits construction kit and another fabulous recipe from the Good Food Guru!
The Good Food Guru
January 2015


1 onion (chopped)

2 tbs olive oil

300g (10 oz) sliced carbanossi (smoked pork sausage)

3 rashers smoked streaky bacon (sliced)

4 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)

˝ tsp hot smoked paprika

500 g (2 cups) tomato passata

2 bay leaves

1 tsp dried basil

1 tsp hot chilli powder

Two, 300 g (10 oz) cans of mixed beans.

Salt and black pepper



Put the onion and olive oil in a saucepan and sauté until the onion begins to soften.


Add the sausage and bacon and continue to cook until the sausage begins to brown.


Add the garlic and the smoked paprika and continue to cook for a further two minutes.


Add the passata, basil, chilli powder and bay leaves, then simmer lightly for about 30 minutes.


Drain the cans of beans and add to the stew.


Season to taste with salt and pepper, then cover and simmer gently for a further 30 minutes.


The recipe is sufficient for four generous helpings of stew. Serve with a modest helping of steamed basmati rice and you have a delicious dinner containing about 750 calories. Yum! Yum!

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