01 December 2014
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01 December 2014
A Letter to Save the Children
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Badobadop HQ



Save the Children UK

1 St John's Lane




27 November 2014


Dear Sir or Madam,


For the last few years I have been making a modest contribution to save the Children with a monthly direct debit payment. In recent months, I have become increasingly concerned at the way Save the Children is utilising the money that I donate.


On a more and more regular basis, you have sent what I see as elaborate, sycophantic information packs which basically attempt to Ďbig me upí and then ask me to increase my donation. The packs contain glossy pictures and colour leaflets which must cost a significant amount of money to produce and distribute by post. They certainly arenít a cost efficient way of making contact with me. I just bin them.


I am well aware of how desperately some children need help, and I regularly review my giving to charity along with my other household expenses. If you get no more money from me it is because I either canít afford it, or I have chosen to give some money to an alternative charity. I donít need to be pestered; especially when the cost of pestering is effectively reducing the value of my donation. I have been meaning to write to you and have your communications stopped or transferred to the internet, but then I watched the news yesterday.


I fell off my chair and spat out my tea as I heard of the award that your organisation has made to Tony Blair!


How dare you spend any part of the money you are given, whether it is in the UK or in the USA on making an award to Tony Blair. Whatever one might think of Mr Blairís background (some believe that he is a murderer and should be tried for war crimes), people give you money to spend on children, not on cheap, sleazy publicity campaigns involving mega-rich, ex-politicians. How much better would it have been if you had honoured the incredible work of someone in direct contact with Ebola victims in West Africa?


I was saddened to hear of the outrageous five figure salaries that are paid to some of your already very wealthy executives. I believe that the selfless generosity of your contributors is not being matched by the very people that run your organisation. In addition, I wonder how much money could be diverted to needy children if your organisation did not maintain an office in London. I consider this to be an unnecessary extravagance.


Frankly, the small amount of money I can afford to give away deserves more than to be wasted on smarmy, sycophantic information packs, or on ill-conceived, offensive publicity activities and inflated executive salaries. I feel that you have abused my modest patronage and consequently, I have cancelled my direct debit to your organisation. I will be transferring my giving to a different charity who I believe will utilise the funds more efficiently.


I am so enraged about your wasteful ineptitude, that I am posting this letter on the front page of my website/blog. Hopefully, my many followers in the US and the UK will take my lead and choose a charity that will use their money responsibly, and with a degree of probity.






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