10 November 2014
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Are Our Public Schools Breeding Grounds
For Cronyism and Nepotism?
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The compulsory school system in the UK is split into three broad categories:


·        State funded schools

·         Public/independent schools

·        Home schooling


Approximately 93% of children in the UK attend state funded schools and 7% attend fee paying public schools. Home schooling is something of a rarity.


Public school pupils do not have innate intellectual gifts that state school children do not possess, yet the statistics relating to their eventual position in society do not support this. 71% of senior judges, 62% of senior armed forces officers, 55% of top civil servants 36% of the Cabinet and 43% of newspaper columnists are ex public school pupils. All of this from a pool of just 7% of the population!


10 November 2014
Badobadop's Folding Caravan.
Completion of the Chassis
10 November 2014
One of the reasons the website update has been delayed this week, is that I have been spending time on the folding caravan chassis. The metalwork is now complete and I am ready to order the plywood and timber for the base. My plan is to complete the base before Christmas, so that I can begin building the superstructure during the holiday period.

The design has evolved a little since I embarked on the project, and the folding caravan is no longer a folding caravan. I was a little worried about mechanical stability and the parts lining up accurately. I also want to be able to set up on site with a minimum of fuss. For these reasons, I have opted to build a sitting/sleeping pod which will be high enough to lounge around in, but not high enough to stand in. There will be a stowable roof extension to raise the ceiling height near the entrance for dressing and undressing. During the summer months, the main living area will be the awning which will attach to the side of the caravan. Here is a picture of the new design and the chassis construction. Typically (for me), the design favours functionality over style, though I hope to use the colour scheme to introduce some curves and make it visually more interesting.
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Coq Au Vin
Warwick School
One of the oldest public schools in the UK.

High level appointments are normally awarded to members of a social network created within the public school system. This nepotistic, cronyist system gives old school chums, friends and family preference to outsiders. This means that the UK establishment is a very elite clique. What is more, the system is self perpetuating with successive generations attending the same schools.


This, in itself isn’t such a problem. It is reasonable for wealthy, powerful people to try to do their best for their children, friends and family, just as we all do. The real problem arises because the public school elite are those that ultimately control and run the state school system. They have no real, practical experience of the state system and they have no vested interest in it.


One of the best education systems in Europe is that of Finland. The system in Finland does not abuse children by subjecting them to an excessively arduous and competitive regimen, yet it is ranked joint 1st in the world by the UN’s Human Development Index and 12th in the world by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). The UK is ranked 26th by PISA.


Although Finland has an independent school system, it is one which must take its funding from the government. Independent schools cannot charge fees, and selective admission is prohibited. In short, everyone, regardless of their social class, has to send their child to a state funded school in Finland. This ethos has the special advantage that the people with influence, power and wealth, ensure that their interests are served by making the state funded system in Finland second to none. Badobadop suggests that this would be a very good model to adopt in the UK.


The world is becoming ever more competitive. It is no longer acceptable for a privileged, but not particularly talented elite, to be in control of our country. The only way we will succeed, is by nurturing every single one of our brightest minds, regardless of their social class… In other words, a meritocracy free of prejudice and discrimination.


Badobadop says:


“The public school system in England is a breeding ground for cronyism and nepotism in the higher echelons of society. It stifles social mobility and compromises our standing in the ever more competitive world order. The way forward is a true meritocracy in which equal opportunity is offered to every single member of society. This can only be achieved through the establishment of a ‘same for all’ education system with a permeating culture of uncompromising excellence.”


Ban public schools!

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