13 October 2014
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Poor Food Hygiene Standards in Coventry.
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Some months ago, the Rec Room's polymath, Paul informed me that the Food Standards Agency publishes hygiene ratings for every food outlet in the country. The agency rates establishments with a number between 0 and 5. The meaning of each number is outlined below: 


0. Urgent improvement necessary.


1. Major improvement necessary.


2. Improvement necessary.


3. Generally satisfactory.


4. Good.


5. Very Good.


One might think that an establishment in need of improvement would be forced to comply within a few days. Sadly this is not so, and it is possible for a restaurant/takeaway to continue to trade for months or even years with a less than satisfactory hygiene rating! I believe that this makes it vitally important to check the status of any food outlet before one uses it.


Anyway, I was eager to see whether the restaurants I use pass muster, so I got online and did a search on the agency's Website for the Coventry area. The results were pitiful to say the least.


There are currently 170 establishments with a hygiene rating of 2 or less. It would seem that zero ratings are actively pursued, because there was only one listed. Even so, I find it disturbing that:


 World Kebab, 43 Primrose Hill Street, Coventry,
has been sitting on a zero rating since 16 June 2014.


Of the other 169 1's and 2's, I have used the following restaurants and takeaways in the past and will now give them a miss:


Artisan Bar and Grill, 1-3 Ryley Street, Coventry:

Rating of 1 held since 14 January 2014.


Fernleaf Ground and First Floor Restaurant, 74-76 Walsgrave Road, Coventry:

Rating of 1 held since 30 July 2014.


Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant, 583 Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry:

Rating of 1 held since 16 April 2014.


Gulshan Tandoori, 11 Clay Lane, Stoke, Coventry:

Rating of 2 held since 25 September 2013.


Badobadop says:


" It is shameful for any restaurant/takeaway to be in need of improvement and remain less than satisfactory for more than a few days, let alone months or years. It demonstrates a disrespectful, belligerent attitude towards customers. Badobadop readers will be voting with their feet!"

13 October 2014
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Sunlight Flicker
Detector Details
Badobadop's sunlight flicker experiment has received some attention from the Cloudy Nights website. Click here for details.
Regular Badobadop readers may have the impression that I had dropped the project as it hasn't been mentioned for a few weeks. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I am waiting for the colder weather and less turbulent atmospheric conditions, so that I can make some more measurements with less terrestrial noise. I will use the results to decide whether to proceed or abandon the project. Whatever the outcome, I believe that the solar flicker detector produces truly awesome recordings of the power of our sun. It doesn't matter whether the origin of the sound is our solar fuelled atmosphere or the sun itself. Put on some good headphones and  click here for an audio recording of  sunlight flicker!
I have promised forum members that I will post details of the solar flicker circuit so that they can have a go themselves. It is relatively simple and cheap to knock together, and utilises a photodiode which is designed for use as a light meter for photographic purposes. It doesn't saturate in full sunlight, and the detector has been specially designed to work when pointed directly at the full sun. If the sun is obscured by cloud then the signal falls off to a virtually undetectable level. Here is the circuit diagram and a picture of the completed detector:
badobadop143014.jpg badobadop143013.jpg badobadop143012.jpg badobadop143011.jpg
Vermin infestations are a common cause of food hygiene problems.
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Image Courtesy Pilottage, CC by 2.0
Information taken from the Food Standards Agency Website on 12 October 2014.
13 October 2014
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