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09 June 2014
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Rec Room Rant: "Cuddly" Foxes
Sentimental, anthromorphic tish tosh from the BBC's Springwatch team.
Did You Know?: Tree Bumblebees
A new species of bumble bee colonises the UK.
Wanderings: The Natural History Museum
Kenilworth Castle
Coventry War Memorial Park
RAF Museum Cosford
Hawkesbury Junction
Fire and Police Museum
Wyken Slough
Brinklow Castle
Daventry Country Park
Coombe Country Park
Burton Dassett Country Park
Attingham Park
16 June 2014
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Rec Room Rant: The Rise of the Chubbies
Society now sees chubby people as normal, and healthy people as skinny and emaciated.
Did You Know?: The Birthday Paradox
Not really a paradox, but definitely couter intuitive.
The Good Food Guru: Sheekh Kebabs with Mint Raita
23 June 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Toll Road Troubles
Active traffic management; good. The M6 Toll not so good.
Did You Know?: Silurian
Not a race of  alien lizards; a geological period with a rich fossil record.
Educational Fun: Go on a Fossil Hunt 
30 June 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Footy Fans Let own By Soccer PLC
The international transfer market is kicking home grown soccer talent into touch.
Did You Know?: How far is it to the moon?
Measuring the distance to the moon.
Wanderings: Wren's Nest Nature Reserve 
07 July 2014
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Rec Room Rant: The Rolf Harris vs Jimmy Saville Dilemma
What makes one sex offender so much more reviled than another?
Did You Know?: Sunlight Flicker
Does the sun flicker like a candle?
Educational Fun: Build a Den
14 July 2014
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Rec Room Rant: TheStreet Light Scourge
Turn off streetlights to make us safer, healthier and allow us to see the breathtaking night sky.
Did You Know?: Sunlight Flicker
Hear the awesome sound of terrestrial sunlight flicker.
Telescope Build: It's Finished!
21 July 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Vile Murdering Pig-dogs
Anyone and everyone associated with the missile attack on Flight MH17 is a vile murdering Pig-dog.
Did You Know?: Sunlight Flicker
More progress on Badobadops attempt to measure Solar Flicker.
Wanderings: Astronomy for Fun (or maybe not)
28 July 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Three Minutes of Terror
The horrific truth about what happened to the passengers of MH17.
Wanderings: The Warwick Folk Festival
Warwick Folk Festival 2014 was just as good as ever. Come and see a montage of pictures.
Bacon Feta Pasta
Beef and Bean Bolognese
Chicken Packets
Indian Style Pork Kebabs
Mediterranean Style Chicken Bake
Parmesan and Chorizo Sauce
Pasta and Pesto with Chicken and Courgette
Pork in an Intense Tomato Sauce
Spicy Mince Chapattis
Strawberry Jam
Doner Meat
Pork and Apple Stew
Chicken and Vegetable Curry
Chicken Breast with Pasta
Chilli Con Carne
Swiss Roll
Tacos and Burritos
Butternut Squash and Chilli Soup
Indian Style Savoury Rice
Mulled Wine, Cider or Apple Juice
Luxury Black Forest Ham and Shropshire Blue Ravioli
Hot and Spicy Pork With Noodles
Meatballs in a Rich Mushroom and Parmesan Sauce
Sheekh Kebabs with Mint Raita
Piri Piri Chicken
Blackberry and Apple Pie
Cottage Pie
04 August 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Panty Pelmets
Half naked chavettes wearing insanely high platform heels and non-existent skirts.
Jobshite Award: Show Me The Poo!
He couldn't'/wouldn't' show her the poo.
TAWT: A Split Second Away From Death
Shocking driving on the M6 motorway
11 August 2014
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Rec Room Rant: The Swiss Roll Index
Shameful Swiss rolls on the Bake Off.
Did You Know?: Honeybee Heat Regulation
How honeybees keep their hives warmer than my house during the wintertime.
Review: Jan's Van
An extraordinary woman and her van.
18 August 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Lackey Vouchers
Badobadop's unique way of dealing with workshy scum.
Bake Off: Enwezor's Limp Biscuit
More Bake Off Shenanigans.
Jobshite Award: Golden Wonder Employee of the Year (Not)!
25 August 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Prissy, More Money than Sense Drivers
Some drivers are so worried about damaging their flash cars that they drive like prissy wooses.
Did You Know?: King Arthur's Stone
A superhuman feat from that king of legend.
The Good Food Guru: Piri Piri Chicken
01 September 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Stupid People
Some people are so stupid they should be locked up like common criminals.
New Project: Badobadop's Folding Caravan
Now the telescope is finished Badobadop embarks on a challenging new project.
Wanderings: Oxwich Bay
08 September 2014
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Rec Room Rant: The Cost of Stupidity
We would all be much better off without having to bear the cost of stupid people.
Project: Badobadop's Folding Caravan
Badobadop seeks inspiration from caravan designs of the fifties and sixties.
Wanderings: Rhossili Bay
18 September 2014
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Rec Room Rant: 
Families Stick Together Through Thick and Thin
Badobadop takes a dim view of the those wishing to break apart the three hundred year old family of the United Kingdom. 
22 September 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Animal Welfare Insanity
 The cuddly kitten brigade spend millions on a few cats and dogs while millions of children die.
Clip of the Week: Miss Fat and Beautiful
An amusing and topical British Pathé newsreel clip.
The Good Food Guru: Blackberry and Apple Pie
Yum Yum!
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