04 February 2013
Calories in Tea
Beverages are split into three broad categories. Soft drinks/juice/fruit juice, hot drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Soft drinks, juice drinks and fruit juice are not a brilliant option for a diet. Sugary soft drinks and juice contain extra calories which don't make you feel any more sated than a glass of water. Fruit juices are much the same. Many contain a suprising quantity of sugar. Of course there are low sugar and sugar free alternatives. However, recent research has indicated that the sweet taste without the associated rise in blood sugar levels causes a sugar craving. I do drink small amounts of sugar free juice, but not too much. Try water with a meal. Sparkling if you like. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime and a few ice cubes. One could even add a teaspoon of sugar as long as the calories are accounted for. Better one teaspoon than the seven or eight that that might be found in a favourite brand of fizzy drink or fresh fruit juice.

Next comes tea, coffee and other hot drinks like cocoa and drinking chocolate. Tea and coffee are for the most part a good diet option. Take a slurp before adding any sugar; it makes tea and coffee taste sweeter with less. Other hot drinks pose more of a problem. Cocoa, Horlicks and drinking chocolate can be quite high in calories depending on how they are made.

To get an idea of how many calories there are in your hot drinks, use some accurate (to a gram) kitchen scales to measure the weights of cocoa/drinking chocolate/Horlicks/milk/sugar you add to a cup. Use the Badobadop calorie counter or nutrition labels to calculate the totals. There is nothing wrong with a cup of cocoa at night, just make sure you account for the calories it contains. You can do the same with your tea and coffee too. You only have to do it once as long as you write it down.
 Item Calories/gram
Tea  Negligible
Coffee  Negligible
Cocoa  3.5
Horlicks  3.7
It is important not to let alcohol consumption get out of control during a diet. Consuming large numbers of calories in alcoholic drinks means cutting down on the intake of solids. Nutritionally it is a poor choice and less food in means more hunger pangs. Below, you will find a Javascript calculator for estimating calories from alcohol. It works for beer, cider, wine and spirits. Fortified wines and liqueurs such as Bailey's Irish Cream can be far more calorific and need calculating individually.
Convert to US weights and measures here
% Alcohol by volume
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