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29 September 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Mary Berry's Faux Pas
 She may be the queen of baking, but Mary Berry can't do sums for toffee!
Clip of the Week: Equal Pay for Women
Everyone was for it. Men and women alike.Was their reasoning sound though? 
The Good Food Guru: Cottage Pie
06 October 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Isn't Taking Someone's Life Enough?
Capital punishment is bad enough without causing unnecessary pain and suffering.
Clip of the Week: How  to Improve Immigrants' English
Shocking attitudes from the 1940s
13 October 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Poor Food Hygiene Standards in Coventry
Badobadop names and shames local restaurants!
Sunlight Flicker: Detector Details
A circuit diagram of Badobadop's sunlight flicker circuit for you to build and try out.
20 October 2014
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Rec Room Rant:Religious Groups Above the Law
The UK authorities turn a blind eye to outrages perpetrated in the name of religion.
Coventry's Food Watchdog: The Good Food Guru's Report Card
The Good Food Guru: Quick and Easy Tuna Pasta Bake
27 October 2014
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Rec Room Rant and Did You Know Combined:
Cal. Tech. Drivel: A Badobadop Exposť
Cal. Tech. produced a sorry excuse for a scientific paper on the Feynman reverse sprinkler problem which was subsequently refereed, and published in the American Journal of Physics. Badobadop exposes the errors and posts its own, alternative solution.
03 November 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Nudity Is Perfectly Normal
Let's see fewer pixilated nipples and more honesty, in the popular media.
The Good Food Guru: Coq Au Vin
A culinary classic from the man himself!
10 November 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Are Our Public Schools Breeding Grounds For Cronyism and Nepotism?
Public schools are an obstacle to the instigation of a true meritocracy in the UK. Ban public schools!
Badobadop's Folding Caravan: Completion of the chassis
17 November 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Extraordinarily Ordinary
Are fame and riches the key to happiness? Badobadop doesn't' think so.
Did You Know?:Noel Godfrey Chavasse
A very brave bloke indeed!
Wikipedia Pic of the Week: The Hand of Glory
24 November 2014
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Rec Room Rant: Celebrities above the law
What kind of evil filth would assault their children by feeding them Scotch bonnet chillies?
Did You Know?:D B Cooper
A criminal Mastermind!
Wikipedia Pic of the Week: The Tempest Prognosticator
01 December 2014
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January 2015
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Rec Room Rant: A Letter to Save the Children
How dare they spend any part of the money they are given on making an award to Tony Blair. Whatever one might think of Mr Blairís background (some believe that he is a murderer and should be tried for war crimes), people give them money to spend on children, not on cheap, sleazy publicity campaigns involving mega-rich, ex-politicians.
Rec Room Rant: Badobadop is Back!
An account of the sad circumstances which stopped Badobadop updates in December.
Educational Fun!: Electric Circuits Construction Kit
The Good Food Guru: Sausage and Bean Stew
February 2015
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Did You Know?: The Lost Monument to Piers Gaveston
Hidden in dense woodland The place of Piers Gaveston's execution is now lost to the nation.
Wanderings: A Weekend  in Tamworth
Tamworth is a fab place to visit for a weekend
The Blogatory
Other Stuff
March 2015
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The Good Food Guru: Beef Stroganoff
Try this delicious recipe.
Folding Caravan Update 
The base is attached to the chassis.
Mathematics Challenge
See how your skills measure up.
April 2015
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The Good Food Guru: Boeuf Bourguignon
The Solar Eclipse: The day the sun smiled
Mathematics Challenge: The solution
Did You Know?: London to NY in 25 minutes!
May 2015
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Badobadop's Prize Challenge: Sweets in a Jar
Can you determine the exact number of sweets in the jar to win a prize?
The Mad Maestro: Shine on Harvest Moon
An arrangement for classical guitar
Badobadop's Mathematics Challenge
The final piece of the jigsaw
June 2015
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Badobadop's Prize Challenge: Sweets in a Jar
A talented young American woman takes the prize.
Wanderings: A Trip to Southwold
Watch the slideshow
The Good Food Guru: Vegetarian Keema
A delicious vegetarian delight!
July 2015
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The Mad Maestro: Daisy Bell
"A Bicycle Made for Two" arranged for classical guitar.
The Good Food Guru: Apple Crumble