What It's All About

Not quite sure what to say here. I have been meaning to start a web site for ages now and I naively thought it would be easy to explain what it is all about. Now the time has come, it's not so straightforward.

Basically I do 'stuff'. I think its interesting stuff (I wouldn't be doing it otherwise). Most of the people around me don't quite get it, but hopefully some of you will.

So what sort of stuff do I do?

Mainly I design and make things. I take on a small project for one reason or another and see it through to completion. I produce working drawings, take photographs and document my progress. I write articles from time to time.

Particular areas of interest are model aircraft, electronics, astronomy/telescopy, acoustics and children's toys. Two of the projects I completed in 2012 are:
Workshop Foundations Workshop Roof Workshop Nearing Completion
My New Workshop
And A Pirate Ship Play Platform
Pirate Ship Platform Gangplank Pirate Ship Platform The Jolly Roger
Over the coming months I will populate this site with details of some of the projects I have completed, with constructional notes, drawings and photographs. I hope you have fun browsing and l would love to know what you think so don't be afraid to hit that 'Contact' button!
01 January 2013
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